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Nightmare XRR-3 and Gharj Down!

SeomanReborn, Jan 22, 12 10:03 PM.
Gratz! Doing Hard Mode Karragas Palace on Monday. Should be a full clear.

SWTOR Changes

SeomanReborn, Jan 19, 12 4:07 PM.
SWTOR Upcoming Changes

Check it out! looks like some good stuff heading our way.

Nightmare Pylons and Council down on 8 man!

SeomanReborn, Jan 15, 12 10:32 PM.
Soa Ball Lightnings are still kicking our ass though. 1.1 Comes out Tuesday, so 16 mans from here on out!

Hopefully we can down SOA Hard Mode on Monday

16 Man Jan 18th (For Real this time)

SeomanReborn, Jan 15, 12 12:30 PM.
Patch 1.1 notes are on our forums. With the changes 16 man won't be night impossible on some encounters so there is no need for us to run 2 8 man groups. We added a few people and have a few alternates as well so we should have little problem filling our raids out.

Gratz to all the people who have hit 50 last 2 weeks and welcome our new members! I will be updated out 16 man Hard/Nightmare mode kills as we do them along with screenshots.

Raid Times Set. First 16 man raid Jan 11th!

SeomanReborn, Jan 8, 12 7:02 PM.
Raid times are now Wed/Mon 7-10:30pm and Sun 8-10:30pm. We almost have enough for a full roster, just need 2-3 more people to join us. We should be able to PuG our last spots until we fill out. Anticipate hardmodes within 2 weeks time.
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